Thursday, February 01, 2007

line = language

Words and me don't get along so I'm not going to encourage them with the yak yak yak. Here's the pictures.


Robin Hall said...

I love your sketches of our classmates, I was going to say friends.... but then I saw a certain group member who doesn't fall into that category.... Funny sketches of Eddie, he looks angry.

And I love the page 5 pages from the top. The middle guy's face, where he's looking down? That's brilliant.

Marko said...

ooh a comment, ...well I was excited to see someone commented until I found out that it was Robin :P

but ya, I don't know what you mean about group members who don't fall into "that" category, Eddie always looks angry to me.

And I think that guy is eating some kind of orderves (sp?) so he is concentrating his focus on that.

Zea said...

You write very well.