Monday, November 06, 2006

It's that time of the year again

I may not update often but at least I am consistenly sporadic in my blogging, here's some drawings:

Coal miners, some drawn from photos some not drawn from photos.

factories and workers, research drawings for third year film.

A stylish man from the 70s or something, drawn from a photo I found intriguing. Who knows where those worn hands of his have been, who knows.

Trying to draw with a brush pen, The guerilla-luchador guy is my favourite.

Feeding time at the food court.

More food court residents

Who knows what on page left, animation class on page right.

A potatoish little man and design drawings of things to come, things which are smokey and mean.

Giant army violinist and poor-ass kids, drawings from photos


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hey nice blog u got here

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Really nice visual developemnt.