Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Oscar Sanchez, Attorney at Law

Yes, first update in a while. While I've been away I have noticed that there's this thing called 3D animation, apparently it's pretty big right now.
Ya so, I've decided to dedicate myself to learning some of these 3d things. Primarily I've been working on stuff in ZBrush. This is my second attempt at a model zbrush. I call him Oscar Sanchez, he's a lawyer, he's Mexican, he's not very tall...at all.

Head Model in Zbrush

Concept Sketch

I have the ambition to actually rig this guy and animate him, but considering that Zbrush meshes as detailed as this one are typically not easy to rig its going to be quite the challenge. Currently I'm going to stick to working on his head and seeing if I can get that move before I get into the rest. It's a big challenge considering I've never rigged anything this complex before but I figure even if it fails I'll have a completed model and had learned something. We'll see...we'll see.