Saturday, February 04, 2006

First post in blog thing.

Here are some pictures from my sketchbook, mostly to do with the development of some beak and muzzle character for a lip sync animation thing. I don't have the actual finished character sheets scanned, I'll post them them up in a few weeks probably. Lets just say that doing work until 5 am results in making some pretty dumb decisions.
I'll have to figure out a better way to scan this stuff, it looks ugly.

Oh and this is a little digital painting of some kind of street, I thought it turned out ok considering the time spent on it.


Mat Savelli said...

This street looks exactly like every street in southern Spain, except there is a complete dearth of orange trees.

Eric Vanic said...

i like those tiger drawings ....very nice

Bobby Chiu said...

hey Marko I like those tiger sketches too! If you or anyone you know is interested I have a digital painting class at Sheridan starting April 27. Check out my blog for more info

H Smirnov said...

gorgeous shading marko.