Sunday, July 30, 2006

Update number: three, Amazing!

I haven't completely forgotten about updating this blog, hopefully my next update won't be like 3 months apart or however long this one is. Here's some drawings I did in the last few days or weeks or so, they will be ordered chronologically in honour of our useless friend that has so much control over us, time. So this is drawing #1.

Arrows in the chest probably hurt I assume, I don't know why this guy is in such shock, he's fighting in a war or something, what did he expect would happen?

Drawings from life of people at a local picnic thing featuring lots of funny looking people.

This was drawn randomly from a picture in the newspaper of some girl in tights wasting good milk by pouring it on the ground, I don't know why exactly, maybe she's lactose intolerant.

On the bottom are some random drawings of whatever and on the top is a drawing of a man drowning in a lake sorrounded by houses and factories.

This is my guitar, it sucks but it'll keep me busy until the day that I can afford to buy a good one. It has only sentimental value.

This is my sister, I'm not sure why she was wearing that samurai get-up. I'm just glad she didn't slice me up for scewing up that jawline line.

Niagra Falls is a place with lots of water, motels, strip clubs and the burger king. Quite possibly the most overated tourist attraction ever.